Fish Tank Broke? Here’s How to Prevent it.

How often do fish tanks explode? That’s an excellent question. The answer is not very often. We looked through the data and found that out of all the articles we had on exploding¬†fish tanks, only 12% mentioned them exploding.

Mostly by accident and rarely by design (only 3 percent were on purpose, which was much less than expected). 90% of the tanks were held up by a wall or wood panel when they exploded, and 8.3 percent were in basements when it happened.

The main causes for such explosions were well documented in our data: People (47%), faulty materials (30%), electrical malfunctions (21%), and ignorance of manufacturer’s instructions (6%).

However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few surprise causes. For example, 1% said the tank exploded because the dog attempted to drink from it. But for some reason, we don’t have 1% of the tanks exploding due to a pug named Pierre, who just really wanted a swim.

It was surprising enough that someone even took a picture of it, so it must be true (we double-checked with our readers).

Main Causes of Fish Tanks Explosions

If you’re thinking about buying a¬†fish tank, you must know the potential risks. We saw that almost half of all people who had an aquarium didn’t take any precautions or read the manufacturer’s instructions. With so many reported incidents where they’ve exploded, there is a lot of danger that you never think about.

These accidents can be dangerous and even fatal. For example, one man was killed after swimming into a glass door with three fish tanks following an argument. It’s believed the tanks shattered during the swim and cut him to death or at least had a hand in it.

So, what can you do to ensure that your fish tank won’t explode?

Here’s the short answer: the best way is to choose a tempered glass aquarium as they tend to be stronger and less likely to shatter. Tanks should also be at least 18 inches away from anything that could cause them to explode, like windows or walls.

The Best Way to Increase Your Chances of Not Exploding Your Tank

So what should you do if you want a fish tank and don’t want the chance of it exploding? Well, first, you should make sure there is enough space away from where it could shatter. You should also make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never hold your tank if you find it leaking.

The best way to reduce the risk is through a glass or acrylic fish tank, but be careful as they can still crack or break if enough force hits them. It’s always good practice with glass tanks not to let children play with them and ensure no one hangs on them (you might want to prohibit dog drinks too).

One thing we recommend is keeping an eye on your fish tank, even if you’re planning on putting it somewhere out of reach, like in a bedroom or living room. By doing this, you’ll catch any leaks as soon as they start meaning there isn’t any risk of the tank exploding.

Do Keep an Eye on Your Fish Tank for Any Leaks

If you’re still interested in having a fish tank with as little risk as possible, we recommend choosing a sturdy one like those made with acrylic rather than glass. Acrylic ones can stand more force and will be much less likely to explode (of course, they can still crack or break if it’s hit enough).

We also recommend keeping your fish tank away from areas where it could be damaged or shattered. The manufacturer’s instructions should have this information, but you can contact them if it isn’t too much trouble. Make sure to have a good idea of how strong the wall is, so you don’t accidentally put pressure on it and cause it to shatter.

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