Dwarf CrayFish and Betta. Can They Coexist?

Dwarf CrayFish

Dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus Shufeldtii) are small freshwater crustaceans that can make a great addition to a betta tank. These little critters only grow to about 1.5 inches in length and do not require much space.

They are scavengers who will eat any food you feed your fish, help clean up the tank, are very peaceful towards other fish, and are quite fun to watch.

Dwarf crayfish are nocturnal, so they hide out in shelters during the day — usually under rocks or inside fake plants. A wad of Java Moss can provide a great hiding spot but be sure to leave plenty of open space for your Betta to swim.

At night, the crayfish come out to scavenge and play. They are very active and curious creatures and will often explore every inch of their tank. Male dwarf crayfish are very territorial and defend their aquatic turf against anything they perceive as a threat — including your fish!

It is not ideal, so it may be best to avoid any interaction with the two, but it’s certainly possible for them to coexist in the same space if the dwarf crayfish is kept away from the BettaBetta.

One should note that dwarf crayfish are not reef safe but will help keep other tanks clean by scavenging leftover food and algae. They’re also pretty entertaining to watch!

Since they are nocturnal, you will probably never see your BettaBetta and dwarf crayfish fighting, but it’s always good to be aware of their natural tendencies. If you are careful to provide plenty of hiding spots for the crayfish and keep them well-fed, they can make a great addition to any betta tank!

Betta Fish 

Bettas are very peaceful fish that are quite popular. They are, however, a true species of fighting fish. When kept with other males, they will flare their gills and fins in territorial disputes that eventually end in the death of one or both of the bettas. For this reason, it is best to keep only one male BettaBetta per tank.

Betta Tank Mates 

Many species of dwarf crayfish can be kept in betta tanks. I keep Cambarellus Shufeldtii, but others include Procambarus Fallax or any of the numerous species of Cherax sp. I would avoid Procambarus Clarkii due to their propensity to nip the fins of other fish.

Similarities in Dwarf Crayfish and Betta Fish 

Both the dwarf crayfish and betta fish are territorial, but only the male dwarf crayfish will show aggression towards other fish. They are both scavengers and will eat any food given to them. They are also quite active and interesting to watch.

Differences in Dwarf Crayfish and Betta Fish 

The BettaBetta is a fighting fish, whereas the dwarf crayfish is peaceful. The BettaBetta will defend his tank against other fish, including your dwarf crayfish. Dwarf crayfish are nocturnal and spend their day hiding in shelters such as wads of Java moss.

On the other hand, Bettas are diurnal and active during the day. Finally, dwarf crayfish are reef safe and help keep your tank clean, whereas the BettaBetta is not safe to keep with other fish.


In conclusion, the dwarf crayfish can make a great addition to any betta tank. Crayfish is a peaceful creature that will scavenge for food and clean up uneaten food while providing extra activity in the tank.

The dwarf crayfish is nocturnal but can sometimes be active during the day if he has bright enough lighting. It’s good to provide plenty of hiding spots for him, so he feels safe and doesn’t feel threatened by your betta fish — you never know when they might flare up in aggression!

Be sure to provide a lot of food for the dwarf crayfish, as he will scavenge for most of his diet. Lastly, make sure your tank is big enough to accommodate both the BettaBetta and the dwarf crayfish, as they both require plenty of swimming space.

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